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Thank you for your help!

Thanks to Denise Stewart of Imperial College London, Dr. Martin Seligman of the University of Pennsylvania,
Dr. Shashank Joshi of Stanford University, Dr. Ahmed Zaafran of Stanford University, Dr. Alex Korb of UCLA,
Daniel Pink of Northwestern University, Michelle Segar of University of Michigan, Linda Caldwell of Penn State,
Judith Gutlerner of Queens College in CUNY, Karyn Gunnet-Shoval of Harvard University, Dr. Patricia Gibbs of Foothill College,
Zack from the Making Caring Common team of the Harvard Graduate School of Education,
Dr. Denise Pope and Mary Hofstedt of the Stanford Graduate School of Education Challenge Success team,
Dr. Laurie Santos of Yale University, Ms. Huong Vo, Dr. Paul B. McHenry and Mr. William Blair of Mountain View High School
For your guidance, feedback, and with this curriculum!