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The Comprehensive Well-Being Course

Created by Christopher Harjadi and Siddharth Potti


How can we keep the well-being of students in check and also give them tools to fight distress when they need it?

The Well Being Tool-Box

Hypothesis: Making a 3-11 day, 20 minutes/day curriculum with lessons and DIY activities targeted towards
freshmen/sophomores at the start of the school year will help expose students to academic and social stress-managing techniques to manage distress and allow them to differentiate between eustress (good stress) and distress (destructive stress).
This will enable students to manage their stress and maintain a healthy sense of well-being in a variety of social and academic scenarios
common to the high school and university experience.

These lessons are backed by research from the fields of psychology and neuroscience,
so teens will have the tools needed to cope with their stressors, in addition to the current offerings of mindfulness and deep breathing exercises.