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Lesson 2: Developing and Growing Your Passion

If people are stuck in jobs or activities they are not happy with in their lives, it creates pressure and inevitable stress in their lives.

Therefore, discovering your true passion/dream job early in life is very important to leading a happier and healthier life by reducing stress.

Developing Your Passion

What have you heard about passion? Allow time to interact with the students
If you are not sure what your passion is here are some questions to help you discover your passion:

1- If anyone asked you "What do you want to do when you grow up?" When you were a child, how did you answer?
2- If you had millions of dollars, i.e. if money was not an issue, what would you like to do in life?
3- What annoys you most in the world that you would like to go and change to make it a better place? For example, I know some people who are so angry with injustice and, as a result, became lawyers.
4- Where did you feel at home most in all the places you have been? This actually can help you to identify where you are supposed to be living too. It could be seasonal or for a period or for life.
5- Where did you feel that you belong there in places or situations you have been? For example,at an event at Stanford, I felt that I was recognized for my logical thinking in a class talking about philosophy and straw men, so I pursued psychology/philosophy more and have enjoyed it!
6- What would you like your obituary to say? What would you like your friends/relatives to say at your own funeral?

Activity 1

Give time for everyone to think and answer these questions on their own on a piece of paper, privately. Then if they are comfortable to discuss, ask them to get into groups of 2-3 and discuss these things among themselves. Allocate time for it.

Growing Your Passion

If you are not sure of your passion yet, here are some recommended assignments for you to help you to discover your passion.


-Try activities (like sports, games, clubs, or school courses) out you be even marginally interested in- They help connect like-minded people together! -Read college catalogs for courses and majors of interest
-Choose 3 schools and research requirements in 3 different fields that interest you. List the courses you would take.
   -If they resonate with you and make you feel a sense of joy from them, congrats! You have a feeling about what your passion may be! Continue growing it and seeing if you enjoy it!
   -If you like the activity, but wouldn’t call it your passion, keep it into consideration as you look for other activities
   -If you don’t like the activity, try another one
-Look to your community for answers- libraries and community events can provide you a fresh sense of perspective
-Find a mentor/teacher that would support and nurture your interests

One Month:

-Do a project for 1 month for each of the passions you enjoy
   -If you still like them, keep them! Otherwise, take them off your list


-Master your passions until you get good at them!