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Lesson 3: Grit/Growth Mindset/ Willpower/ Psych Resilience


Students will learn about grit and resilience, its benefits, and how it will apply to tough times (when people feel that life is hard and their passion is at risk)

Activity 1: Minefield


1. Prep a piece of paper with a grid (depending on class size) and draw a path through it. This is your “correct path”

2. Split into teams

3. Minefield Rules:

- Your job is to traverse the minefield on the one special pathway through it that never changes.


- Can only step into adjacent frames (committed step); if you’re correct you step again.

- If you step on a wrong tile, you go out the same way you came in (& your team gets a 1 min penalty)

- One student in grid at a time; one person goes at a time

- Timed for how long it takes the entire class to get through

- Can’t go again (after a mistake) until everyone else goes

- Can’t leave things in squares, move tape, etc. No tricks!

- One minute to strategize, then NO TALKING & AS SILENT AS POSSIBLE

Reflection of Activity 1 - Minefield

1.Ask students to reflect on how grit could be used to solve the minefield
2. Discuss examples of grit from students
3. Discuss how finding an interest, refining that interest through deliberate practice, motivating oneself with a purpose, and using the growth mindset to instill hope in others can help form grit in students
4.Discuss ways in which students can become more gritty