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Lesson 5: Habit Formation


Students will learn about the process of habit formation (and how they can use it to make their life easier!

Activity 1: Steps towards Habit Formation

1. Talk about habits and how they work
2. Differentiate between Good and Bad habits
-Good habits: habits that allow you to do an activity faster/better
-Bad habits: habits that hinder your progress
3. Here is a guide to changing habits:
4. From the guide, tell students how to break the cycle or add habits into their life
5. Here is an exercise that you can do with students:
-Make them think of a good habit they would like to do
-Write down what it is
-Practice it for a week, and afterwards discuss it
-Did it get easier after a few days? Do they want to keep this habit?
-Is there a habit they would like to break?
6. Ask students to commit to at least one habit in their daily lives

How To Implement Routines

1. Write down current routine
2. See what things may need to change
3. Remind yourself to ingrain your new routine

How To Implement Organization

1. Create a calendar for each month, whether digital or on paper. On it write when assignments are due, when there is homework, when midterms and finals are coming. Then you can set up a routine as to when to tackle each of these areas. If you create such a calendar, then they should be able to create a schedule for themselves that will work.
2. Pomodoro Technique for Focus: Set a timer for 25 minutes to do a chunk of focused work, with 5 minutes breaks in between the 25 minute chunks
3. Use your cell phone (like Keep Notes or Apple Notes) to remind you of things that need to be done